Date: 02-09-2008 22:11
Reviewer: Matt

Type: PSone
Genre: Racing
Developer: SingleTrac

Jet Moto is a game that can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store, for the price of $5.99, 3.49, or 600. Jet Moto was a game that was original released on the PSone now on the PlayStation Store for you to buy and download.

Gameplay: Jet Moto plays out like am early version of ATV Off Road Fury games. The game is mix of land and sea racing. Each field has set of obstacles to over come. This were the the grappling beam comes in. You're able to latch onto metallic objects with a blue beam that comes out of it. Along with this grappling beam, you also have the ability to lean forward, backwards, and to the side which is very hard to do. There is also a turbo which could be helpful.

You can also compare this game to a Nintendo game, Wave Race 64. It is basically Nintendo's answer to a Jet Moto game. The tracks in this game are greatly design. There are 10 level's each have different difficulties. There ranked by the color of it's icon:
    Green circle - Amateur
    Blue square - Intermediate
    Black diamond - Professional
    Double black diamond - Master

Some riders will have better advantage over some tracks, so play the riders before you start the career mode. Also use the grappling beam to make turning easier, it will help you in the end. The cinematic camera is very annoying unless your showing off of youtube or something. It was also kinda cool of them to have some actual companies like Butterfinger, Axiom, K2, and Mountain Dew. I always play with Mountain Dew since I usually drink it.

Graphics/Presentation: The presentation of Jet Moto is like an art style which it very neat. Graphics are not much to talk about for a 12 year old game, they are bad for today's standards but still stand out for a PSone game.

Last Note: The game will surprise you. I'm even surprised myself that this game is good. If you like the game ATV Off Road Fury, then you will like this game since it uses a older version of the engine on water. Yes, there are better games out there but this game really settles as being one of many good games on the PS Store.

Presentation: 8
Graphics: 7
Sound: 7
Gameplay: 9
Lifespan: 7
Overall: 7.6
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