Date: 02-10-2008 22:11
Reviewer: Matt

Type: PSone
Genre: Racing
Developer: SingleTrac

Jet Moto 2 is a game that can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store for the price of $5.99. Jet Moto 2 was a game that was original released on the PSone now on the PlayStation Store for you to buy and download. Jet Moto 2 is a sequel to Jet Moto.

Game play: Jet Moto 2 is a direct sequel to Jet Moto and you would think it is exactly the same but they made a few tweaks to the Jet Moto 2 to make it feel more new. Jet Moto 2 feels more better than Jet Moto thanks for the much improved control over the original title. AI on the other hand is tough and challenging. The grappling beam seems to be much more hidden but once you use it is very helpful. The turbo boost has change bar that indicates when you have enough turbo. An you could still lean forward, backwards, and to the side after going threw the tough terrain. Tracks seem less crowded with players. It change to 18 to 10 which is good but still seems more harder than the first Jet Moto.

Graphics/Presentation: Jet Moto 2 has more better graphics than the original and I truly mean it. Graphics seems more smoother with more detail. Presentation still has the art-like style to it. The menu,character select screen, & load screens all have that art-style to it. My favorite art-style screen is when the load screens pop up because it has secret stuff about the levels and it can sometimes help you with in the level.

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