Date: 02-10-2008 22:11
Reviewer: Matt

Type: PSone
Genre: Racing
Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment America

Rally Cross is a game that can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store, for the price of $5.99 or 600.

Game play: Rally Cross has the "pick-up-and-play" mechanics. There are only 6 levels within the game, so don't aspect the game to be long. The controls are bad. Once you try to do a turn it feels like your moving too much. The controls could have been tighter. Aside from the sluggish controls there is one key feature that I like, which is when you crash you flip over and then you have a chance to re-flip over or lean over. Another thing I did not like is that the game is in manual transmission which felt weird. Tracks feel much too cramped and short but the races are 6 to 4 laps.

Graphics/Presentation: Presentation of the game looks like a old N64 game. Menus look way to boring they need more pizazz. Graphics were very good for an old PSone game. It is impressive for a game that's almost 11 years old.

Presentation: 6
Graphics: 9
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 6
Lifespan: 6
Overall: 7
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