Date: 02-09-2008 22:11
Reviewer: Mason

Type: PSone
Genre: Sim/Strategy
Developer: Bullfrog Productions

Originally made in 1998, this game was the sequel to hit PlayStation game Theme Park World. In fact, Theme Hospital was a port from the PC version of the game. And for the asking price from the PlayStation Store, you should not hesitate to buy this game if you like strategy games.

The basis of the game is simple, buy a land for your hospital, build in the facilities, hire your staff and start profiting! The game is really simple, and the easy to function menus are a bonus! When you start a hospital, in any of the games 13 levels, you will need to do some preparation before you open it to the public, and smash your competitors! Firstly, you will need to place a reception desk, a GP’s office and a few chairs for the comfort for your patients. You will also need to hire some staff, a doctor, for jobs like GP’s office and diagnosis, nurses for the wards and pharmacy’s, handymen to repair and clean up, and the receptionists for the - well reception desks!

In some later levels, you will get emergencies, where loads of patients get dropped off at your hospital with the same disease all at once, and your hospital has to cure them all within a time limit to get a bonus salary! A research room may also help, to get those important rooms and healing drugs for some diseases you may not be able to cure with your normal supplies.

Other rooms and facilities you can place are Wards, Toilets, X-Rays, Operating Theatres, Deflations and so many more, that it would take you ages to complete and unlock the whole game. Also, the game is only 120mb, which means that you would not have to throw tons of memory away, compared to other games (Syphon Filter 3, Fired Up, Crash Bandicoot Ect.).

So, is this game worth recommending?

I would say yes, but although the graphics aren’t amazing 3d graphics, they are clear, they are retro and they look good. The sound, well there’s no dodgy music, actually they’re is hardly any music at all, but concentrating on your goal and listening for the tannoy will make this not a problem.

So overall, this is a game for any hospital/creator/strategy fan, which is well worth getting to play for a long period of time, and will still entertain those who originally owned the game before on the original PlayStation or the PC.

Graphics: 6
Sound: 7
Gameplay: 8
Lifespan: 10
Overall: 8
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