Date: 04-13-2012 21:45
Author: Chris Engle

PDC profile: Chris

Rochard is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle game in which you manipulate gravity and objects to advance. Read on to find out what being a asteroid miner is all about!

The Old West Is Not So Old

The game consists of utilizing a gravity gun that allows Rochard to pick up blocks to solve puzzles by setting them down, stacking them up to reach higher places and propelling them into enemies to kill them. By advancing through the game, Rochard is almost constantly greeted by upgrades to his gravity gun, such as the Rock Blaster, which almost always introduces a new way to solve puzzles. I think that this is a strong suit of the game as I found myself needing to think up of new ways to progress through the game, which in turn made me want to not put the game down. Among other things Rochard is able to control the gravity of the environment which helps him manipulate objects and get to places easier.

A Minerís Tale
Let me start this off by stating that there is a heavy emphasis on being a miner, Rochardís accent will make you think youíre playing a game about the old west. The plot of Rochard is also somewhat of a generalization of being a miner. John Rochard along with his crew are on the brink of being fired simply because they havenít mined anything valuable in quite a while. Sent on one last mission, they find some very valuable ore that is guaranteed to save their jobs. However, things take a turn for the worse the next day as a group of space pirates infiltrate the asteroid. Faced with space pirates, Rochard has to make it to his crew to try to save them while along the way, treacherous and deeper events unfold. I personally think that the story is a little bland and generic, however, it is decent enough so that it does not tempt me to stop playing. Most of it is predictable, but I think in no way that this makes the game any less fun.

My Thoughts
Initially when I saw the trailer I wasnít too sure about the game. But after I started playing it, it was hard to stop. Just being greeted by new challenges and unique puzzles almost constantly kept me in the game. With that said, the graphics arenít the prettiest thing in the world, but theyíre definitely not bad. The other thing that probably kept me wanting to play more was the combat, thereís quite a bit of action for a puzzle solving game. The plot wasnít anything amazing, but at least it was more than I was hoping for. I think my only two gripes with the game are that first off, I thought the voice acting was pretty cheesy and secondly, the game was a little short for me. There are no other modes such as multiplayer in the game and with how fast I beat the game, I will probably play through it a second time only to get the last trophies I need. So essentially, this game has no replay value at all which makes it a hard choice to purchase at itís current price. But, if you donít mind dishing out money for a game that you may not play through a second time, I would definitely recommend this as I enjoyed it quite a bit. With all of that said, I think Rochard deserves a look for all of the enjoyment I got out of it.

Rochard was developed by Recoil Games and has a pricing of $9.99 on the NA PSN store. It took me approximately 4 hours to beat the game and I think I enjoyed killing guards with harmless boxes the most.

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