Date: 06-18-2011 21:45
Author: Chris Engle

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Dragonís Lair II: Time Warped was originally released June 16th, 1991 as a sequel to the original Dragonís Lair. So how has Dirk the Daring been faring since since he rescued Daphne the Princess from the dragon? Read on to find out.

Into the Lair Again

Except that this time it isnít the lair of a dragon. Dragonís Lair II plays identically to its predecessor. Using the four directional buttons along with the button to control Dirk by pressing the buttons which appear in the bottom left portion of the screen. Hints will quickly flash on the scene as to what button to press. For example, if a platform to the right of Dirk flashes, then I would need to push right on the d-pad, or if Dirk's sword flashes, I need to press for him to use it. The game is basically an interactive movie. However, one of the key differences between this game and the first Dragonís Lair game is that treasures are scattered throughout each of the stages and must be collected. Stage 7 requires the player to find all of the treasures in order to proceed. If the player misses a treasure they are sent back to the previous stages to find it. Upon collecting the last treasure needed and beating the level, the player will be sent back to Stage 7. I found this a bit annoying simply because with how fast the game was going for me, I apparently did not collect any of the treasures I needed and I was sent back to the first level.

Rescuing the Princess
The plot of Dragonís Lair II revolves around Dirk the Daring rescuing Princess Daphne again. Between the time of the first and second game, Dirk and Daphne have settled down, had children and were living happily. Then the wizard Mordrock suddenly kidnaps Daphne. With the help of a time-machine possessed by Mordrockís brother, Dirk travels through different eras (stages) ranging from pre-historic times all the way up to Ancient Egypt. One of the stages is based on the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland, which I found fairly unique. I found some of the game slightly confusing, but I did enjoy seeing the different visuals that came along. It's entertaining to go through the different times battling the baddies. So, while Dirk doesnít get to go into a dragonís lair again, he gets to travel through 7 different stages that each have unique value.

Traveling through time
While in the game, Dirk the Daring had traveled through time to save his beloved princess, but how has the actual game done when traveling from the early 90ís to today? I think it did fairly well. When I was young, I played the first Dragonís Lair on PC quite a few times, and had no idea there was a sequel to the game so this was my first time playing it. Iím finding it very enjoyable and also finding Dirks girlish squeals to be pretty funny. There is also the added bonus of an ďAttract ModeĒ in the menu which seems to be what the arcade version would play to attract people to play the game. Thereís also a ďWatch GameĒ option that simply allows people to watch the entire game without needing to input the commands. To start the game itself players are given the choice between the Original version and the Director's Cut version. The only real difference between them is that Stage 7 is shorter in the Directorís Cut. Lastly, there is a tutorial to explain to players how to play the game.

Wrap Up
I found game to be fun, but a little challenging with having to constantly press the buttons. The story itself is enjoyable, but not something that stands out in a game. The artwork is still very nice despite its age. The only thing that bothered me was having to collect treasures along the way, because I missed each of them which in turn, sent me back to the very first level. Other than that, I was pretty excited to play this game because I used to play the original Dragonís Lair over and over on a computer when I was young. I recommend this game to anyone simply looking for an older game or wanting to know what happened to Dirk and Daphne after the first game. Sadly, the only thing I feel this game lacks is replayability, which when combined with the short game length results in a bad combination.

Dragonís Lair II: Time Warped was re-published by Digital Leisure and was originally created by Don Bluth in 1991. The game is priced at $9.99 on the North American PlayStation Store. Iíve spent 3 hours on the game and didnít die as much as I thought I would.

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