Date: 03-31-2011 23:01
Author: Matt Gonzales

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Stick to the script or improvise the role; that's the way to become an actor. Can Yoostar 2 improvise its way to fame or does it fall flat in the box office? Read after the break to find out my impression of this title.

Rising Star!

The basic premise of Yoostar 2 is to use the PlayStation Eye camera to act out scenes from well-known movies and television shows. I got rated on how well I performed each scene by my pose, activity, and line delivery. However, not all modes require you to stick to the script. The game has 50 Movie/TV Scenes, 20 Video Backgrounds, and 10 Hollywood Sets. A recording of every scene acted out can be saved on the PS3's HDD, and uploaded to either the Yoostar community or onto Facebook. Even though Challenge mode and Quick Play mode are the two main options, the game focuses mostly on the Challenge mode. While in Challenge mode, I undertook various challenges that are split-up into cities. The 11 cities have a total of 50 challenges, and each city has around 3-5 challenges to play through. The challenges varied from following the script, to improvising my own script, or even completing a playlist of scenes. I felt that Challenge mode has many faults. For instance, it automatically assumed that I had a second partner to play with. The gameplay also got repetitive rather quickly, since I was acting the same scenes over and over again. This gets annoying the more I played the game.

While most of my time is spent playing the Challenge mode, I did take a breather and tried out Quick Play mode. In Quick play, I was able to pick any scene I wished to act out. I was able to achieve high-scores in Quick play mode to compare with friends and the online community. Once again, the game got repetitive once I got through all of the scenes on the disc. I feel that Quick play mode is only good for achieving high-scores and obtaining PSN trophies.

Struggling Actor!
Yoostar 2 does not have a lot of scenes to play on the disc. It sounds like a lot of scenes, but after playing through each one, it's not. This is directly responsible for the Game becoming annoyingly repetitive. There is DLC you can purchase, but its a bit expensive for you to buy for $1.99 each pack. The 2 features that save this game from being a borefest are the Yoostar community and being able to play with someone else.

Earlier I said the Challenge Mode assumes you have a second partner, and when you do, the game becomes much more enjoyable. Acting out scenes with another person can get hectic, but that only adds to the fun factor. For instance, the Shaun of the Dead scene in Yoostar 2 is ridiculously hilarious to play with someone else because of the scene you are to cooperatively act out. Playing with someone definitely allowed me to have some more fun with the game. Unfortunately, the game doesn't come with friend, and not everyone you know will be willing to act silly in front of the camera. The second feature that saves the game is the Yoostar community, where you can upload and view videos without leaving the game. The uploading to Facebook works well, but doesn't have the lack of being able to view them in-game has me preferring to upload them to the game's website. When browsing videos on the game's website, you can rate other's uploads and even give them awards for their acting. All ratings boost your Yoostar level, or your "fame." These social options are really great additions in Yoostar 2. Watching other's acting can be hilariously fun, and this isn't something that I would normally do if a game had this feature. This feature was the glue that made the game come together. Without the Yoostar community, the game might have been as useful as a DVD movie game.

The End of Movie
Yoostar 2 does not have a lot to offer, but the multiplayer and community options kept me from avoiding the game entirely. As I said before, there are 80 scenes on the disc, and there is a large amount of DLC to purchase. I found no problems with the PlayStation Eye or the game not recognizing me. There is PlayStation Move functionality, but its much too sensitive using it in the menus, so I opted to use just a regular controller. In the end, it was a fun game to play. However, you do have to get past the repetitiveness to play the game to its absolute fullness.

Yoostar 2 is published by Yoostar Entertainment Group and developed by Blitz Games. It has been released in North America and Europe on Blu-ray. I have played around 4 hours of the game solo, and put in at least another hour playing along with a friend.

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