Date: 06-04-2009 23:28
Reviewer: megadeth

Type: PSone
Genre: RPG
Developer: Square

Final Fantasy VII, the start of a new era for RPGs. As well the launcher for many other RPG in our day...Also, when ever I'm talking about the graphics, i mean back in the day.

Introduction: You are an Ex-soldier on a mission with the anti-Shinra group, Avalanche, to help save the planet by destroying Mako Reactors and to make a bit of money on the side. As you leave the train and processed to the Reactor, your being followed by various Shinra troops! After that light attack, you continue to finish your job so you can get out of that place. Once in the reactor, you'll face numerous inconveniences of fighting the new mech-troop of Shinra and having to help out the members of Avalanche. Now your deed is done....Or that's what we all think at the moment....

Graphics: From the day it was released, it was considered to have some of the best graphics of its time....And they were right on target. For a PS1 game, it had amazing graphics for in battles and cut-scenes, but the travailing graphics weren't as amazing. But who can complain? Anyways, the in battle graphics were extremely smooth and had great texture, also quite colorful. But that's not the best part yet, the cut-scenes were pure genius and gold. It was really ahead of its time and still is worshiped for that achievement.

Story: I don't know how Square got the ideas for it....And i don't care. This tale has every type of drama, action and surprise. But you could almost imagine this game being made with the god of theater, Shakespeare. Love, Betrayal, Vengeance and for sure, the element of surprise.
If you love a good long story, with all sort of dramatic events, This is the game for you.

Sound: Well, Nobuo Uematsu was at the peck of his game composing time with Final Fantasy 7. You always need a legendary composer for a legendary tale, don't you? Time to get in with some details. All of the soundtracks in Final Fantasy 7 is so beautiful. Just the simple structure and harmony of it makes some musicians cry, take my word. And not to forget, you can't really get tired of all those melodies. Probably because there's so many in this game.

Gameplay: In its time, the gameplay to go with Final Fantasy 7, was brand new from Square. Its called the ATS(active time system), this system was unique and didn't relied on you to make your move first. If you don't act, you die. If you can't put a strategy to your quick acts, you die! So this Final Fantasy has a quick fighting system compared to the old ones. But that's not all! Square added added the "Limit break" and "Materia". Ahh, the good old Limit break system. The extra power you need to beat those boss. But theirs a price to pay for so much power, you need to take so much damage before you can use it. The Materia system was just brilliant, no need to have to level up one magic for you to get a new type of magic, just can just find them! Also, the wait the materia progress with levels made it unique. After you master one materia, you get another one of the same materia, which can come in handy.

Lifespan: Before i add anything else i would like to say this. Three disc. Three disc of adventure. Three disc of over 30 hours easily of gameplay and story. Not including the Weapon side missions.

Overall, this game is my favorite game and the best RPG, in my opinion. But we all have our own opinion on games. And think this review as a influence for any RPG fans. My last word are, for 10$ American and 8 Euros, you can't go wrong.

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