Date: 04-30-2010 02:58
Reviewer: Chris

Type: PSone
Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: LucasArts

PS Store Description: Follow Kyle Katarn, ex-Imperial Army personnel, as he works as a mercenary for the Rebel Alliance. What dark secrets will he find?

Gameplay: The gameplay is like a classic FPS, look up, down, left and right, jump, crouch, shoot. There are plenty of enemies and the game wants you to solve puzzles, meaning look for keys to doors and switches.

There are plenty of levels to play, each one will probably take you a while to figure out if you haven't played it before. The graphics are pretty good, sometimes it's a bit hard to see enemies far away on the PSP screen however, but it's not a big deal really.

Story: You are Kyle Katarn, a student learning skills to follow his father's career. While studying, officials told him that rebels killed both of his parents, which formed a hatred within him and he joined the Empire. He then met an undercover double agent named Jan Ors who uncovered the truth about his parents death which lead him to turning into a mercenary.

When I first picked up this game, I had only played it on PC before, in fact I didn't even know a PlayStation version existed. So I bought this immediately. The graphics and sounds are pretty awesome for a game from 1995. I found that the game ran pretty good on the PS3 too, I had no gripes with it at all. The only gripe I have with it on the PSP were the controls and that's because there's so many of them.

But I luckily remembered I could customize the controls, which made the experience so much better. I'll go ahead and post them just in-case anyone picks up this game, because if you do I recommend you go with this setup. I'll list it as if you were looking at the controller setup yourself in the game. The arrows are the directional pad and the arrows with the A behind them stand for the analog stick.

↑ - (blank)
↓ - R2
← -
→ -
A↑ - ↑ (Walk Forward)
A↓ - ↓ (Walk Backward)
A← - ← (Turn Left)
A→ - → (Turn Right)
- (Leave the same)
- L2
- R2
- R1
L - L1
R -

So anyway, in conclusion, if you want a PS1 classic and like shooters, pick this up, it's one of my all time favorite classics.

Presentation: 8
Graphics: 7
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 9
Lifespan: 7
Total: 7.8
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