Date: 08-22-2009 13:10
Reviewer: Matt

Type: PSone
Genre: Fighting
Developer: Eighting

PS Store description: Classic fighting game featuring a lineup of 8 deadly fighters with a dangerous secret they all transform into ferocious half-human beasts! Take on all challengers and battle your way to the top. Release your inner wild animal and transform into a half-human beast! Tear apart other werecreaturese who dare to challenge you in this savage fight.

Download this PSone classic fighting game today and unleash the beast within!

Gameplay: Bloody Roar is a unknown fighting game that has been released for a few consoles. If you have played Tekken, then you are home to this game. This feels like it has the base engine of Tekken, but a little tweaked. In the name is has "Bloody Roar". When they say "Roar", they mean that you get to turn into an animal. This is the tweaking I'm talking about or the deference in gameplay between them two. They other deference is the combos. The combo system is more closer to Street Fighter but is entered like Tekken. There are a few characters, only 8 in total. But they all have distinct styles, so you wont see much character that are the same.

Ok, there are few modes in the game. There are a total of 6 modes (including Vs mode)

    Arcade - One player vs. the computer. Use the Direction Buttons to select a character and confirm your selection with the Button. The computer will choose your opponent. Then prepare for battle.

    VS - For two players. Each player selects their own character by pressing the Button. before selecting your character(s), you may chose one of eight stages using the Direction Buttons. You may also set handicaps by using the Direction Buttons to change your life energy ranging from 60% - 140%. (Can only be played on the PS3)

    Time Attack - Single bout. Complete for the shortest finishing time.

    Survival - Single bout. In this mode, characters do not fully recover their life energy between rounds.

    Practice - You select your opponents movements. Perfect for practicing combo techniques!

    Watch - Watch a match between characters controlled by the computer. You can adjust the difficulty levels to view the more difficult move executions.

There are a few things to unlock in this game. It's mostly silly and useless stiff like "Big Head Mode" and all that kind of stuff. This makes the game very useless to beat. You will be super bored after you play this game. So have a PS3 on your side to play the VS mode against your friends. Since when you beat this and you only have a PSP, you will have absolutely no replay ability.

Last Note: In the end the game is "blah". Not very good but not very bad. I do like some of the elements of the game. But still it's ok. There are better games out there to play, like Street Fighter Alpha 2. This game does need to be tried out though.

Presentation: 6
Graphics: 6
Sound: 6
Gameplay: 7
Lifespan: 5
Overall: 6
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