Date: 06-09-2009 14:32
Reviewer: Matt

Type: PSone
Genre: First-person shooter
Developer: Red Storm Entertainment

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six is a FPS that came out onto multiple systems. Now its out the PSN for $5.99 (USD). It was first released on the UK store. It's apart of the long series "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six".

PS Description: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six pits you as the commander of an elite counter-terrorism squad, and you will have to plan and execute complete a variety of covert operations to take down terrorists and make the world a safer place. Assemble your team from an international pool of special operatives and select from authentic gear and weapons to help you complete your missions.

Gameplay: TC-Rainbow Six is as you know a FPS. Like most FPS in the pass age, the controls are everything. It was both a good that you can switch controls in the game and even better via PSP or PS3 software menu. That's good and all but playing this on the PSP is one hassle. So when you buy this game, play it on the PS3 to have a better experience.

Your hub in this game is very bland. You will know when your about to die when the EKG goes wild. Watch out, you will get killed in a few hits. One cool feature I like is ordering people around. If you hover over a civilian or teammate you can order them what to do. But this sometimes does not respond the way you want it. Sometimes they will get in your line of fire, which then makes this game a huge "escort mission".

This game is short but its long. Since of this games difficulty you will be playing it for a bit. But this game can be beaten in a sitting. You will die allot and keep killing your own people. There is not much exciting about the gameplay. It's just very bland altogether. But you do get to play Ding Chavez!

Last Note: Short game, bad graphics, bland gameplay, difficult controls, and Ding Chavez all wrapped up in a $5.99 package. There was really nothing that "Aww" me of this game. I got bored while playing this game. The graphics just hurt your eyes, so don't play this game to long you could possibly get blind. I know you will say "Jetup, its a ps1 game. Graphics wont look good", well ya, but this is bad for ps1. The controls part can be fixed if you have a PS3 because playing it on the PSP is making you learn to twist your fingers in odd positions.

Gameplay seemed to be experimented. Like moving a teammate to follow you, they will sometimes just there and nothing. Or they would run off and get shot by you or the enemy. There are only two things I liked. They are the loading screen and Ding Chavez. Personally I don't recommend this game to get. But if your a fan get it or if you want to play Ding Chavez.

Presentation: 5
Graphics: 5
Sound: 5.5
Gameplay: 6
Lifespan: 4
Overall: 5.1
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