Date: 06-04-2009 23:28
Reviewer: Matt

Type: PSone
Genre: RPG
Developer: Square

FFVII is apart of the Final Fantasy series. It was first released on the PSone, now apart of the PSone Classics on the PS Store. It is available on all stores, check your store to see the price. FFVII is usually considered 'the best" apart of the whole series, which makes sense of it spawning off multiple items.

Gameplay: FFVII is like no different then no other RPG. This game use a "Active Time Battle" system, were you wait for your meter to fill-up to attack. This was also used on a few other FF games also with other RPG's. Your second meter is your "Limit Break" meter, this fills up as you attack or get attacked by the enemy. Once this meter fills up, you get to use some special attacks. The downfall in this system is that you have to use your "Limit Break" when it shows up, so saving the limit is out of the question. You learn limit breaks when you do a certain amount of things, for example "Kill 80 enemies - learn Blade Beam". These don't require much time to do, your last limit break require a item.

Materia is magic in FFVII. You equip materia to your weapon or equipment to gain a magic spell. There is also a cap on how may materia can be put onto the equipment which is 8. Materia is almost the soul in this game in which it separates from other RPG's. Materia also makes you gain stats for the person it was put on. For example, you put on a certain materia it will make you gain +02% Hp or can even make it -02%. You can also chain materia to make you person defeat opponents with there weakness. Each time you win a battle with materia on you, they gain "AP". AP is like the exp of materia. There more bigger the level of the materia, the better the spell and effects its gives you. But you can change on how the materia levels up on what weapon you put it on. Like if you you have a level 1 fire materia with a certain weapon, it will gain certain abilities like double. Lastly, "All Materia" makes other materia equipped with it target a whole party, fire + all materia = hit all enemy's. There is a whole system on how you use materia, learn it to defeat those hard bosses.

The story of this game is a bit cliche. The only reason why I say that is because the story is now used now-of-days. You first start out in the game in a mission to destroy a reactor. Then you try to do it again in your second mission but you end up hanging from a bridge an fall after another explosion. This is where the story starts, you end up meeting a flower-girl named Aeris were she finds you in her flower garden. Then Cloud agrees to be her bodyguard. Skipping a little forward, you find out that Aeris is the last "Cetra", were they can lead a land of Mako energy. That is the basic part of the story. An as every one knows Aeris dies, which is what that made this game famous of the sad story.

There are allot to offer in this game. there are mini-games and allot of sidequest to do. This will will almost expand the gameplay from about 20 hours to 60 hours (at least). The minigames and sidequest let you get special items for prizes or sometimes special gifts. Do these minigames and sidequest to gain some of the most powerful weapons or limit breaks. Like Clouds Omnislash can be obtained doing minigames. This will make you play the game for along time.

Last Note: I beat this game in 21:52, with switching off form my brother every 6 hours or so. We did it without doing many sidequest or mini-games. But this game can expand to atleast +60 hours. this is a no-brainier, get this game. It's only $9.99 (USD) on the PS store. The good things about this game is +60 hours, great system, very cheap price tag, and its a three disc game :D. The bad things are difficulty could be hard or very easy at times so balancing is not good, story is cliche, and the fact that they milked this game to the dry bone.

Alternatives: Not much can compare on the PS Store, there is Ape Quest, Disgaea, Jeanne d'Arc, or Monster Hunter Freedom 2. Those are the only ones I can see that are similar in a RPG way. Yet, if there was another RPG as good as this on the PS Store it would be Chrono Cross.

Presentation: 7
Graphics: 7
Sound: 9
Gameplay: 9
Lifespan: 9.5
Overall: 8.3
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