Date: 06-04-2009 12:44
Reviewer: Matt

Type: PSone
Genre: Fighting
Developer: SNK

KOF '99 is a fighting game for the playstation, now released on the Ps Store. It was first released in 04/22/01 in NA. It is apart of the KOF series. this is the first one to have a 4 partner team instead of the 3 partner team.

PS Store description: Another King of Fighters tournament is on the horizan and it's up to you and your team of brawlers to come out on top. Select your crew from a healty roster of old favorites along with new. Battle your friends in the all new Striker match, as well.

Gamplay: this game is similar to SF but when you play it does have a different engine. This engine is a bit more easier to use rather than the popular SF engine. There is one thing you have to remember in fighting games is that you don't get mixed up with the engines. Let me show a chart like thing so you know the engine:

SF: A slide to action, most moves cant be chained together
DOA: Similar to Tekken but more complicated
Tekken: Push the button in a a "Push-the-button" orderly fashion.
Soul Caliber: Similar to Tekken
KOF: A slide to action, most moves can be chained together with "animation looking"

Ok the reason why I underlined "animation looking" is because that is a key feature you need to learn to defeat you opponent. There are more know terms for this but this is the easier way to explain it. The way to learn this is playing against each character on the hardest difficulty, it sounds hard but once you get it you will be happy.

Animation looking is almost (just about) cheating against the opponent. What you do is, get him into a combo where he cant get out of. That means timing is everything. In some other games, some similar feature is "juggling", but in this game that's not the case. But, timing it will be very difficult task to complete, for example; Combo > wait 1 sec. > same combo > wait 1 sec > ect. Or in better words wait till the opponent gets up from the ground animation, but time your combo right to to do it right.

Other than that, the system is about the same as Street Fighter. So you will feel home when you play this game. Some characters have there main moves as a "energy bast", a "physical move", or a "dodging move". Use all moves to avoid damage from the opponent, when he pulls out a "energy blast" you use a "energy blast" to knock it out.
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