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Date: 05-17-2009 07:35
Reviewer: Matt

Type: PSone
Genre: Shooter
Developer: Irem Software Engineering

R-Type Delta is the first in the the "R-Type" series to be in 3D and also be able to choose your own ship. RT: Delta originally cam out November 19, '98 in the US. This game can be bought in the JP or NA Ps Store.

Gameplay: For the first, I actually like a R-Type game, as you can see. This game also had a revamped from the previous games. This game is in the much needed 3D, instead of the the eye burning 2D. You can also change between 3 ships, 4 if you include the unlockable ship.

(All descriptions are in the manual. If you see red, blue, or yellow there the power-ups you find while in the game.)

R9 aII Delta -

The R9 aII Delta comes equipped with a diffusion Wave Cannon, which concentrates and then disperses its energy using a special catalyzer. It is also equipped with the same Wave Cannon found on the R9 mass-production models.

Wave Cannon: Releases charged energy at enemies directly in front of the Warship with devastating force.
Delta Weapon: Nuclear Catastrophe - Creates a nuclear fusion using the molecules surrounding the Warship, causing extreme damage to the enemy.
Missile: Homing - Two simultaneously launched missiles home in on the enemy.
Force: Standard - Highly reliable module, due to the extensive combat data gathered form its use in previous missions. When detached from the Warship, it can fire lasers in as many as 4 directions.

Powerful laser fired in the direction that the Force is attached.
Fires in 3 directions simultaneously. Reflects off of geographical formations.
Fires both above and below the Warship, and travels along the edge of
geographical formations.

Very generic ship then the rest, very good with the "Delta Move" basically destroying everything in the circle. The ship that most people will choose.

RX-10 Albatross -

The RX model is a unique prototype developed by the Air Force in collaboration with the aircraft manufacturer, McGwire Co. Ltd. It's surface is finished with a mirror coating which acts as a countermeasure against optical weapons.

Wave Cannon: Generates energy within the enemy causing fatal damage.
Delta Weapon: Negative Corridor - Generates a distortion in time and space causing serious damage to many enemies.
Missile: Chain Reaction - Capsulated missile that detonates upon contact with the enemy or the ground.
Force: Tentacle - This module's laser control accuracy has been enhanced withbio-neural circuitry. When it is detached from the Warship, it automatically searches for targets, firing only when you do.

Sting Ray
Can be concentrated or dispersed.
Hound Ray
Locks onto powerful enemies.
Snail Ray
Bends like a tentacle.

Not a good ship. It's the weakest among the others. The only thing that is good is the missiles, but still does not hold up for all of the other downfalls. Plus, a tentacle weapon? Is that really necessary for an area that's under attack? Who in the world pitched the idea for it? Whoever did was very lucky to get it green lighted then added to the game.

R13 Cerberus -

Built by the military manufacturer Warelic Co., Ltd. and different in structure from the conventional R-series models. Equipped with a lightning Wave Cannon, which adds a homing feature to the conventional Wave Cannon. The lightning Wave Cannon senses the target and fires on it accurately.

Wave Cannon: Lightning - Seeks out the enemy and destroys it.
Delta Weapon: Hysteric Dawn - Tears open a dimensional rift, which blows the enemy out of space and time.
Missile: Photon - An accelerating missile, fired horizontally (semi-homing).
Force: Anchor - The claw-shaped rods bite into objects the come in contact with as a means of destroying that object. It is linked to the Warship by a flexible beam of energy which is useful in damaging enemies and absorbing their fire.

A powerful laser that changes its power and attack area depending on the Warship's movements.
Able to bend by 45 degrees in order to target an enemy.
Accurately fires on all enemies around the Force module.

The best ship in the game, but has a downfall, the Force does not work if you unattached from the ship. But still the best ship then the other ships in the game

Pow Armor -
The successor to R9.

Wave Cannon: "Bydo Assault" - A charged Bydo energy is fired causing high amounts of damage. The amount of the charge also determines the energy's size and speed.
Delta Weapon: "Bydo Wrath" - A full-screen "Bydo Assault" that demonstrates the power of the Bydo.
Missile: "Big Baby" - Functions just like the R9's homing missiles, but can destroy more enemies before exploding.
Force: Bydo - When detached from the Warship, it can send out a flurry of lasers while spinning.

Same as the R9, but instead of firing circular waves, it fires "EKG zigzags" which have a wider range.
Same as the R9, but sends out 6 lasers simultaneously, instead of 3.
Same as the R9, but bounces along geographical formations.

Nothing special, just the most powerful ship in the game. With a great Delta Weapon name "Bydo Wrath", ya you cant beat that weapon.

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