Date: 02-28-2009 12:24
Reviewer: Matt

Type: PSone
Genre: Fighting
Developer: Capcom

Street Fighter Alpha was originally releases in the arcades in 1995. Then was moved on the Ps1 in Dec, 1995. The Street Fighter series did not get popular until Street Fighter II, which is the reason why it has 21 different ports and 8 different "unique" titles. There are a total of 7 SF games. Street Fighter IV is the most recent SF game. There are a total of 5 games (story wise) on both ps3 and PSP.

PS Store description: FIGHT! The classic Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams returns! With an improved Super Combo system based on Super Street Fighter II Turbo, the addition of the "Alpha Counter", "Air Blocking", and "Chain Combos". Street Fighter Alpha set a new standard in versus fighting gameplay.

Gamplay: SF:A is your above average fighting game. It competes with KOF, they even had a versus game between them two. Ok, you start this game with three modes, arcade, versus, & training mode. There is also a unlockable mode called "Dramatic Battle Mode" when you beat arcade mode on five stars. Which is a difficult task to perform.

Character List:
    M. Bison

It has your average settings too (Time Limit, Rounds, Game Speed, Damage, ect;). There is also 2 player but it can only played while on the PS3, or if your lazy, while on your PSP switch controllers while playing with a friend (Press Home, Controller Settings, and then assign controller port). If your a fan of the SF series then you know that the controls are not good on a portable device or a controller. That's why most people stick to the arcade version, but try to get use to the Hadoken's commands while on a PSP or PS3. if you have SF:IV, spend your money on the fightstick.

It has your Super street fighter II turbo engine in it. So hit up those Hadoken's. Controls are a simple task to manage. to perform your fighters signature move (what the fighter is know by) you slide your finger on the d-pad then a control button (). Slide your finger starting with the down button towards the right button, and still have you finger hit both button's at once. Its very and hard to explain. The way to perform button combination's easily, use your middle of joint of your thumb and press it on the down button, then hit both right & down buttons with the tip of your thumb, and last leaving only the tip of your tip of thumb on the right and hitting one of the buttons ().

But not all have the down, diagonal, right + . Like Charlie, Chun-Li, & Birdie. They require holding button's for a certain time, then releasing it. Let's use charlie as are example. For him to perform his famous "Sonic Boom" (He is a war buddy of Guile), you need to hold left for 2 seconds, then press right + any punch button. This is a hard task to learn while playing it on the PSP, I had more success on the PS3. For Chun-Li's "Spinning Air Kick", press and hold the down for 2 seconds, then press up + any kick button. Birdie has the same move combination as Charlie for his "Heabutt".

Don't worry, these are not the only moves in the game, these are just the basic famous moves for each fighter. There are way more. Each fighter has a "Alpha Counter", "Super Combo 1", "Super Combo 2", and your massive "Super Combo 3". The first two are "Super combos" are easy to perform, but the last is difficult. Like Akuma's "Imprisoning Death Flash". So train hard to master all moves to the fighters.

For beginners start this game with either Ryu, Sagat or Ken.
Intimidate players pick Rose, Sodom, Adon, or Guy.
Experts players should chose M. Bison, Birdie, Charlie, Chun-Li, Akuma, or Dan (Yes I said Dan)

Unlock the three characters are just ridiculously difficult.
For example: Akuma

"Set the difficulty to five or higher, then play with anyone except Akuma. Defeat the first seven characters without continuing and have at least 10 super combo finishes" ~ from gamfaqs

It will take a long time to complete that, it took me about 2 hours to get Dan (ya only Dan). So train hard and vary long. Then try to beat the cheating Rose without dieing. You would sometimes think to yourself "Capcom, why are you trying to make me sit here and loose 90% of the time just to get my favorite red hair guy Akuma?" So you would have a long sit through unlocking three fighters.

There are multiple endings and secret animations. Like when you pick two people that relate with the story they would do a secret animation during the beginning of the battle. Like for a example Ken & Ryu. The multiple like if you beat Akuma, you would get a different background.

Sound holds up for a 14 year old game, almost to good. You can have the original or remixed music, I set the original because that's how I role. Menu SFX too even sounds good. Even the fighting move SFX sounds good. This is a up for a old ps1 game.

Graphics/Presentation: The sprites are still looking good after its 14 years. There not as good as SFII Turbo HD remix but still good for a old fighting game. Backgrounds look good to but I have seen better. Menu setup is, well, shallow and very boring with the ugly blue background.

Last Note
: For only $5.99, get this game. There are a few hits & miss, but its still good why better then most fighters (Looks at Legend of the Dragon). Just get this game. Most games even use the engine like "Bleach the Dark Souls" for the DS.

Presentation: 7
Graphics: 8.5
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 8.5
Lifespan: 8
Overall: 8
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