Date: 01-31-2009 08:04
Reviewer: Matt

Type: PSone
Genre: Shooter
Developer: Irem Software Engineering

R-Types is two games into one. R-Type and R-Type 2 are in one in this game. There were both released on the multiple systems. And they were both made in the late 80's. The story is all based the Bydo Empire.

PS store description: Uniting two of the most difficult challenges of all time, R-Types presents the games R-Type and R-Type 2 in one complete package.

Gameplay: It's your basic shooter. You shoot your enemy, dodge a few rocks & lasers, even dodge the environment. It's nothing new. You can use a orb thing that helps you shoot down more enemies. But I have seen better on the game Gley Lancer. Yet it does have two games packed into one. But it's still very basic. Yet if you look at this game at being very old, it was kinda ahead of its time. The power up's really change the game play.

R-Type: OK this game features "8 super hard to beat but very short levels". Most of the time you will be trying not to die, unless you would have to start over at a point. To beat the level's you would need know were enemy's spawn from. Like preparing your ship to shoot before the ships shoot you. You would also be searching for power-up's in this game. Most of the bosses of the game require you to use a certain weapon to beat them. Which I hate, since most of the time I like to use the sky attack laser.

Like I said before it very short but very hard to beat. If you get mad quickly don't play this game. I almost felt like breaking my PSP playing this game. On the average game, it would take you about 4 hours to beat the first level. I say that since you would need to make a plan to get through the levels. But once you get use too the difficulty, it really is still hard to beat. It equals out the game of being to short, but have a high difficulty into beating the levels.

R-Type 2: OK now in this game the Bydo Empire is back since they did not die in the first game. Once again, the game is hard. No even more harder that the first. Yet it only has "6 unbeatable levels". Well not really unbeatable since I beat them, but very annoying to get pass. Everything has been updated in this one. Weapons even have have been tweaked.

Level's are a bit longer than the first R-types, but its about the same length of each other (all together). The weapon's feel like they have been downgraded. Like it can get any worse AI is more smarter. The last level took me 6 hours to beat and to find out how not to day. This level got me so mad.

Graphics/Presentation: Nothing good but nothing but. Menu is ugly, and still has the old style on it. The menu just felt like a mess.

Last Note: Why get this game? It's to hard, unless your a hardcore old school shooter gamer, raise the score by 2. Just stick with other games from the PS Store. Like Everyday Shooter, Super Stardust Portable, or even if you have the PS3 get Burnout Paradise on the PS Store, since its only $19.99. Just stay away for this game. I did not like it, however some others might.

Presentation: 3.5
Graphics: 5
Sound: 6.5
Gameplay: 5.5
Lifespan: 3.5
Overall: 4.8
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