Date: 12-26-2008 03:37
Reviewer: Matt

Type: PSone
Genre: Platformer
Developer: Ubisoft

Rayman was first released on September 1, 1995 on the Jaguar (Atari). Then got ported to the Ps1 in November 1995. It was both published & developed by Ubisoft. It is a 2D Platformer with a side-scroller too it.

Gameplay: The basic story of the game is that a guy named "Mr. Dark" steals a protoon that balance's the world of rayman. So a hero named "Rayman" try's to save the protoon to bring back balance in his world. Sounds way too cliche.

In the start you only get a few moves to carry yourself throughout the levels, walking, crawling, & jumping, it just the basic stuff. But as you progress throughout the game you gain more actions. Like for a example running, punching, hanging on to stuff, & grabbing items. you would need some of these actions to go through certain levels. So you kinda feel limited to pass a hard level. There are 30 levels, 6 areas, so that makes 5 levels per area. Each area is different, it go's by the name of area, so you kinda know what you are going into.

Info is said in the manual of the game.

The Dream Forest: Rayman has been to proceed through the jungle without ever falling into the swamp waters. He will come across hunters and explorers. This is where he meets Tarayzan (Its a parady of Tarzan), his first friend. Help Tarayzan get dressed and see what happens! The big boss is Moskito, a persistent giant mosquito.

Ok in this level the best part is beating Moskito. I love how you have to jump when he is about to attack you on the ground or when you have to duck when he is flying accross the screen. Ya it sound boring but it is done with smart thinking (well not really).

Band Land: In a scene filled with clouds and slippery sheet of music bars, Rayman must advance among music instruments (drums, maracas, cymbals...) and avoid wrong notes. Once he escapes from the trumpets, he will find himself face to face with the deafening Minster Sax.

This level is very hard to beat. It took me about 30 min. to get through this level. I had to really think about what I should do to not die. Mr. Sax (the boss) was very hard to beat. Ok, in his third "wave" of attacks, he pulls out a bomb in about (I think) 8 areas. It was very hard at first but once you get it it very easy.

Blue Mountains: Rayman has to move forward, avoiding rock avalanche and stone creatures. In these mountains, Rayman meets the Musician and helps him recover hi lost guitar. The big boss to defeat is Mister Stone made of rock.

I just purely did not like this level. It was very easy for me to get through. It took long though, but I was revealed that I got through it.

Picture City: This is a world of images, as well as the world of mirages. Once he walks across the stage of a small theater, Rayman comes across beings straight from a pirate movie or a science fiction film. In particular, he'll meet Space Mama, a tough cookie with a deadly rolling pin.

There was lot to do in this level. There was even two bosses. It was be very tough to beat the last boss in this level.

The Cave of Skops: This a troubling underground world. enter it through Joe the Extraterrestrial's cheerful snack shop. First, Rayman has to plug in his friend Joe's shop sign while avoiding the spider. then he must work his way around the stalactites in the cave to find the lair of Skops Scorpion.

The boss was very hard to beat(at first). In the first "wave" of moves, the boss can only be damaged by his own blue beams which pissed me off but was kinda easy to do. The second "wave" he throw's his claw at you and over that use's his blue beam. At first you would say "what do I do?" but that answer was easy, "jump!" and punch him. at the end you have no room to move away from his beams, but all you do is punch him. When you look at it you say "ahhh, it's to hard" but it was very easy. It was gilden with a over the top stuff to make it look hard.

Gilden is like a cover up into making something look like is good but really is bad. (It's a reference to the "Gilden Age".

Candy Chateau: Welcome to the world of desserts where Mister Dark is hidden, guarded by clowns performing amazing stunts. But be careful, Mister Dark is diabolical!!

You will not get this level until you punch the 6 cages at the areas of each level. So you have to go back and find each one. I got pissed when I found this out. But once you get the level its very short with a long boss battle.

Graphics/Presentation: This game is 2D but has good sprites. Almost to the look of the work of dimps (The one's who does DBZ sprites in games). It has a very quirky look to it. I loved it!

Last Note: This game is very short & and very hard. Music is good but does not sound very good (Like the bitrate of the songs). But it is a recommended buy from the PS Store!

Presentation: 8.5
Graphics: 9
Sound: 6.5
Gameplay: 7.5
Lifespan: 5.5
Overall: 7.4
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