By using the services provided to you by PSPdemocenter (aka PDC), you here-by agree to the following conduct rules. You are expected to follow all of these rules as long as you use our services, regardless of your opinions. Failure to abide by this guidelines will most likely result in forceful removal from the network. Each of the following sections is vital to this site remaining at the utmost quality level.

1. User Interaction
PDC takes pride in providing a wholesome user experience for all, and we rely on all of our users to act properly whenever interacting with each other. Even if you think that you are the most considerate person ever, please be sure to read over our Etiquette Policy since it has many rules that we expect everyone to follow. Failure to follow these rules can result in your account being terminated, so don't make light of this subject.

2. Forbidden Content
The following can get you banned from here without warning and are the very foundation that we have built this site on. Granted some are worse than others but very rarely will you ever get any warning. These should be committed to memory and if you have questions about them be sure to Private Message a staff member immediately.
    Piracy : The act of getting something for free that you should have paid for is not only illegal but immoral. It is highly likely that those looking for help with, as well as those providing help, will be banned at the first sign of this illegal activity. The following are some helpful hints.
       - Do NOT discuss or post links to copyrighted music.
       - Do NOT discuss or post links to copyrighted movies or videos.
       - Do NOT discuss or post links to ISOs, CSOs, or any other homebrew.
       - Do NOT discuss or post links to custom firmware.
    Commerce : We are not your personal price checker, nor do we want people using our site to sell stuff without our permission. If you wish to sell your stuff or want to know the going price of an item you are thinking about selling then use a site such as to find out for yourself. If you wish to know the price of an item you can easily find that out by searching online stores or calling your local game shops.
    Pornography : Even though there are different levels of nakedness, we are not going to sit around and listen to any arguments about your avatar not being inappropriate. If something ever so slightly resembles sexually explicit material, you'd be best off avoiding it.
    Hate Speech : Hate speech includes, but is not limited to, speech which demeans specific groups of people on the basis of race, religion, ethnic background, nationality, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or ideologies.
    Advertising : Posting unapproved links in the forums will be removed on sight and may result in an immediate ban depending on the link. The owner is adamant about having linkage approved so that our site doesn't have a bunch of links that lead to sites that do not coincide with the level of quality one comes to expect from PDC. If you can't find the link in our Links section then it should submit it to our Links section for approval.
    PM Spam : This also means that you are not to PM people advertisements either. If caught doing so, there will be no warnings, simply an instant banning of your account and a deletion of all your PMs.

3. Attacks
Any attack on the network infrastructure will be considered computer trespass and may result in an immediate ban from the network, reports to your network provider(s) and/or legal action.

4. Access Privileges
The use of the PSPdemocenter is a privilege given to you, not a right. Violation of this or any other policy may result in your removal from the network and/or loss of access privileges. are part of the same private network, and your account may be terminated at any time, at our sole discretion. Continuing to access, or attempting to access, after your access has been terminated may be considered computer trespass. Which means if you are banned you shouldn't come back without first contacting us by emailing the staff. In order to prevent your accounts from being banned, it is advised that you avoid utilizing proxies to access the site. Those who use proxies will be viewed as intruders and will be banned on sight without warning.

5. Interpretation
PDC administrators will interpret this User Agreement if there is any ambiguity.

6. Other Policies and Info
All of our other policies are located HERE. You'll also find a great deal of informative details about our site.
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