The following briefly details what it takes to get a link submitted and put up in our Links section.

    - Can't break our rules ... we don't allow piracy here so don't bother submitting links that do support it.
    - Can't have competing forums ... sorry but PDC isn't here to make other PSP sites popular.
    - The site must be a legit site ... no free host or free domain sites will be accepted.
    - The site must be useful ... is an example of something that wouldn't be considered.
    - Must be well established ... if the site is brand new or receives very little traffic then please give it a little time to mature.

Allow up to 7 days for your submission to be approved.
If after 7 days and you want to know where your submission is, contact me

Now if you understand everything, proceed HERE to submit a Link or HERE to submit an RSS feed.
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