Site / Article Submission Policy (Rules & Submission Pages)
The following briefly details what it takes to get an article submitted and put up in one of our Articles section.

    - You must be the author ... you are not allowed to submit other people's work.
    - Can't break our rules ... we don't allow piracy here so don't bother submitting articles on topics that do support it.
    - The information must be legit ... the information must be tested or documented with a trusted site.
    - The article must be useful ... if its about how to eat toast and play PSP at the same time don't bother submitting it.
    - The article must be proofed ... I don't have the time or desire to fix your grammar or spelling (can't be done on a PSP).
    - Reviews must be decent length ... it should be as long if not longer than the majority of our current reviews (also can't be achieved on a PSP).

Allow up to 7 days for your submission to be approved.
If after 7 days and you want to know where your submission is, contact me

Lastly, images are no longer acceptable in User Reviews. They can be use for Articles with permission.

Now if you understand everything, please follow the links below to the proper submission pages.
    User Reviews of PSP, Minis, PS3, or PSone games

    Articles (guides, lists, or information for either PSP or PS3)
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