We have a great community here but our servers don't have the muscle to do some of the slick things like other places such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ have.

Quick Links


Because of this we initially setup a PDC Twitter account which we used to give away stuff and notify people of things that were going on our site. Following the success of our Twitter Feed we made a Facebook Page for those who aren't up for just following but wanted to have a more casual place to meet other PDC members and really become connected. We have even gone and made a Google+ Page for PDC, so add us to your Circles and meet up with your PDC buddies outside the walls of the site. For the non-social types, we have also gotten a RSS feed setup (not PSP compatible) for news and such. And lastly, we are looking to provide more YouTube content as more of the devices we cover here have support for the video service.

We are going to continue to branch out as we see fit. If you have any questions or comments, you can Private Message me
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