The following is an attempt at explaining why some topics are NOT ALLOWED here at the PSP Demo Center.

Many users question why we don't allow certain topics here, this list is not absolute but rather the most popular topics that are not allowed and the reasons why they aren't welcome here.
    Custom Firmware - lets start off with probably the most popular one. In many places around the world, there are laws against the backwards engineering and modification of software (in this case the software is firmware) without the expressed permission of the software's creator (in this case Sony). Aside from the legal matter, modified firmware enables piracy of games.
    Canadian Law
    Modifying a console is considered an illegal act under Section 342.1 of the Criminal Code and is punishable by imprisonment for up to ten years

    United States Law
    Modifying any console is in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and is also punishable of up to 10 years in prison

    Homebrew - whether it requires Custom Firmware or not, anything that has thrived on the security exploits of the PSP will not be welcome. Our position against this is directly related to the damaged caused by the homebrew community's need to keep the system unsecure, which resulted in the abandonment of the platform by developers.

    Game Piracy - a direct result of custom firmware. Piracy has forced developers to stop making games for the PSP. They, the developers have no reason to make new games if they are simply going to be stolen by a large bulk of PSP owners. The drop in the amount of games has been well documented (click HERE). Stealing is indeed illegal and in these financial hard times many workers are losing their jobs because the companies who employ them are not getting enough money back on the software titles they release. True fans of the PSP should want developers who make great games for the PSP to continue to make great games for the PSP.

    Media Piracy - similar to game piracy but with a less noticeable effect on PSP users. We have a moral and legal responsibility to deter the unauthorized sharing of copyrighted music and movies. Just as those who make games aren't getting their dues when their stuff is stolen, the music and movie industry works the same way. People are losing jobs and are unable to make a living because the stuff they work so hard to produce is being unthoughtfully "shared" online.

The above three are the biggest issues we face here at PDC. The rest will be added in due time so be sure to check back here if you notice certain topics you make are disappearing.
    Rumors - if it isn't true, we don't want it here. In order for it to be "true" there should be an official press release or provided by a dependable media outlet (think Qore or PULSE). There are plenty of people that are over zealous when it comes to talking about the possibilities of future events. For those who aren't aware, the future hasn't been written yet, and anything is possible. In order to prevent drowning in a sea of speculation, we simply ask that the spreading of rumors be done elsewhere. An example of how painful rumors can be for the community, you only need to look back to the spring of 2007 when the first rumors of firmware 4.00 started to circulate. Needless to say the huge list of fictitious features were all made up and none of them came true when the firmware actually was release a year later in the spring of 2008. Anyone who believed the rumors was crushed and actually blamed Sony for not fulfilling their dreams. Simply put, we don't roll like that here. If you want to whine about the PSP not doing what you want it to do then contact Sony.

    Unapproved Links - if its not in our Link section then you need to get links approved with a staff member. Yes, we know PDC is a popular site. We also know that you think if you advertise here for a site you just made that you will finally get more than a handful of visitors and that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Sadly, we're not in the business of providing warm fuzzies to the likes of those who use the site for their own benefit. It is highly disrespectful to the entire PDC community. For those who enjoy this site and understand that our community here is based on trust and respect, it is quickly understood that the PSP community benefits and thrives when not spread across multiple sites.

    Short/Vague Posts - this is a forum where people are supposed to share information that would be helpful to others. It is hard to form a complete thought that someone would deem useful if you attempt to keep your posts as short as possible. Complete sentences help stress what you are attempting to convey and help with communication.

If you need further clarification, please direct your questions to me via PM
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