First off, Personal File Space, or PFS, is a feature we have here at the PDC which enables our members to upload files.

Our current PFS maximum storage limits are as follows
    Donators = 10mb
    STAFF = 10mb
    Core Members = 5mb
    Members = 2mb

Please note that the above maximums don't combine so for example badseyboy is a Donators and a staff member yet he still only gets 10mb of space to upload pictures. Also note that if a Member were to become a Donators then he'd have 10mb of space at his disposal.

Currently the available file types you can upload are as follows
        .jpg     Compressed Image
        .png     Uncompressed Image
        .ptf     PSP Theme File

In order to upload files you'll need to visit the PFS page. Easy links can be found in your profile when on a PC or at the top of each page when visiting with your PSP. There you'll find an area where you can click a button to browse your PC or PSP for files you wish to upload. Once you have selected a file simply click the 'Upload' button and wait for a confirmation message.

You may organize these uploads if you wish by creating folder using the area located just below the upload area.

You can't however view other user's file spaces. These are for your use so that you can share images that are relevant to forum discussions. This is made easier by clicking on the 'PFS' link below a text box which then allows you to have it automatically post the code for your image to be viewed. Remember if the image is greater than 400 pixels wide you should use the thumbnail option.

You may also wish to Private Message someone a cool wallpaper but please remember we do NOT allow wallpapers to be posted in our forums.

For further questions please PM
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