Internet Etiquette, or "Netiquette", is a collection of guidelines that have evolved over the years to make everyone's internet experience more enjoyable.

The following practices aren't simply requested at PDC but expected out of everyone choosing to use our service. Those who do not practice standard "Netiquette" will commonly have their content removed and if they continue to cause the staff undue work will find their accounts terminated.

    Help/Respect All Users : You are expected to treat everyone with respect. Remember that we were all new users at some point. Treat them as you would like to be treated.
    Research Before You Ask : As a common courtesy to minimize wasted time, you should take a moment to find the answer prior to asking it either publicly in the forums or privately in a Private Message. Very often Google can be used to find the answer and is most of the time quicker than communicating here.
    Expressing Emotion : Never use CAPS to convey emotion. It designates shouting and is considered extremely rude. We do allow the use of BBcodes which add color and smiles to your posts, but allow me to stress that they should be used sparingly.
    Posting Images : We are a site that caters to the PSP community. Since we have many visitors on PSPs, we ask that all images have a maximum width of 400 pixels, or you utilize a thumbnail. Do not post unnecessary images or too many images.
    Posting Signatures : We have disabled signatures in our forums for a reason. Neither useless text or unneeded images are allowed after your posts.
    Posting Links : We want to help people find well established sites that are helpful. These sites can be found in the Links section. If a site is not listed in the links section it shouldn't be posted in the forums.

    Know Your Audience : If you have a question for someone in particular then you should use the Private Messaging system. However, if your question relates to topics discussed on our site, then you should be posting that question publicly in the forums.
    Descriptive Titles : It is very difficult to communicate with anyone if the subject is unknown or unclear. Always properly title a thread or private message with the subject you are discussing.
    Maximum Clarity : It is even more difficult to respond if the initial post vague. Attempt to be as detailed as possible when describing your problem or topic to avoid confusion.
    Proper Spelling/Grammar : If you don't properly spell words or practice good grammar then you won't be able to achieve the clarity needed to communicate here. This is an English based site and we expect people to strive for the clearest communication possible.
    Stay On-Topic : Posting off-topic messages disrupts the topic at hand and is considered very rude. If your reply to a thread doesn't have to do with the thread's topic then you shouldn't post it there. Either make a new thread about the topic you wish to discuss or if you wish to communicate with a single person you should use a Private Message. This includes stating when a rules is being broken or asking for a thread to be locked. Those tasks are for the Moderators to handle and not for any other of our users.
    Do NOT Advertise : We are a privately owned site that allows anyone to use our services free of charge. The owner of the site, however, wishes that you do not use the site in any method to divert traffic to an unapproved site (see Links section for approved sites).
    Avoid Fighting : Everyone here deserves respect, whether they are respectful to others or not. If you have a problem with anyone's actions, try to work things out using Private Messages, and if you still have problems, contact a Moderator. Posting public messages that are intended as an attack on someone's opinion or character will not be tolerated, no matter what the circumstances.
    Let the Past Rest : If you find a topic that has been abandoned for a substantial amount of time, or it has reached a natrual conclusion, leave it alone. The reasoning behind this is that many people who were in the previous conversation probably won't be around to reply back and/or the discussion was ended. If the topic is something you wish to talk about now, then start a new topic.

    Personal Information : Do not post any personal information about anyone without the permission of that person. Even if it is located in their profile, perhaps they only want members of the site to view it.
    Personal Conversations : A conversation between you and someone else privately should remain private. Posting it publicly without permission violates the other person's trust. Simply ask first, if you wish to share anything publicly.
    Respect Copyrights : It is easy to copy & paste something and give the impression that it is your work. Always give the author the proper credit if you re-post anything. When you do this avoid editing the original author's work to prevent false information from being passed on.

Further etiquette may be added or altered for clarity at any time. Be sure to refer back to this on a regular basis to make sure you haven't missed anything new.
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