Our staff are the people who dedicate their time and effort to make this site run smoothly. The site's owner, Sketch, has been very clear that if you disrespect any staff member you will be removed from the site.

For your convenience, here is the current list of our current staff members.

   Username (click for profile) - Email

       Sketch - N/A

       Jesse - jesse@pspdemocenter.com

       Matt - matt@pspdemocenter.com
       Mason - mason@pspdemocenter.com
       Zahir - zahir@pspdemocenter.com

       Badsey - badsey@pspdemocenter.com
       Tim - e7zad@pspdemocenter.com
       Miguel - miguel@pspdemocenter.com
       ThisIsJulio - thisisjulio@pspdemocenter.com
       Steve - steve@pspdemocenter.com
       Heartbreak - heartbreak@pspdemocenter.com
       Death - death@pspdemocenter.com

Private messaging is the most appropriate way to contact staff about site related issues.
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