History of Our Advertisements
Those of you who are browsing on the PC version of our site might have noticed that we've been trying out a few different methods of generating revenue to keep the site running. Our first attempts with signing up with affiliates didn't generate a single cent. This is because those who visited the sites would actually have to buy something for PDC to receive any money back for the advertising.

Therefore we decided to work with Google AdSense because of the way they pay PDC money if visitors of our site simply click the ads. It seemed logical since not everyone buys stuff online, but many of us do our window shopping online. So we tried running a couple smaller ads on the front page and on the forums to first test out to make sure they were functioning properly and we began to generate some funds to help run the site. Google then emailed me and suggested using larger banners to enhance our profit so we switched over to just a single large banner ad on most pages on the site. This has proven to provide quite a substantial amount of money (don't ask "how much?" because our financial details are private) for us and so we'll be sticking with the current setup for the foreseeable future.

We believe that with this revenue we will be able to maintain our server costs (possibly even upgrading to better servers), purchase big name games to review (currently all premium reviews are donated to the site by developers/publishers), and even more exciting, provide monthly or bi-monthly contests. We're not 100% there yet, but with tweaking of the categories that show up and greater traffic during summer months. We expect good stuff to come from the fact that we're not paying out of our pockets each month to keep the site running.

Inappropriate Ads
The beauty of Google AdSense is that it will detect your location and what content is on our site to provide ads that it thinks you would be interested in. The problem is that some ads can be inappropriate for our site. If you run across any that violate our rules here, please contact a staff member with the advertisement URL that you feel is inappropriate.

PSP & Ads
The PSP struggles enough as it is to keep things loading smoothly. We have no intentions to ever place ads onto our PSP version of the site. This is a courtesy for everyone who is still suffering with their underpowered browsing device. I can't say what is planned for the NGP, but we'll decide based on its abilities after it is released.

Donators + Ads
We love those who donate to the site and love to show appreciation back to them. Since they are helping boost the site's revenue, we have provided an option in their profile that allows the advertisements here to be disabled. This is just another way for us to thank them for their generous support.

Interested in becoming a donator? Visit our Donation Page.
Have any other questions about our advertisements? Contact any of our staff members.
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