Well this is the widely popular PSPdemocenter.com website. The official date which the PSP Demo Center opened (its current database) is January 30th 2007. The site has started off with the focus on the demos which branched out fairly quickly to forums. Later on, we undertook providing sections for Articles, Media, Themes, Radio Stations, and Applications. Some items are removed from time to time because our servers simply can't handle the popularity of our site, but the core ideologies will always remain the same. The current edition of PSP Demo Center runs on a modified version of Seditio, which has been painstaking worked on to allow for all types of visitors to enjoy the site. Our very dependable host over the last 3 years has been eBoundHost (click for some history about our other hosts) and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable hosting solution with great tech support.

This site came about because Sketch (aka admin) wanted a place to store his demos where he wouldn't have to connect his PSP to his PC. So he started this off as a small endeavor to help himself out but it quickly branched out to the site it is today. Early on he enlisted the help of Jesse (originally named phinal) who has maintained and built the current site you see today. This is simply a space for all the PSP owners to call their home.

Welcome to the PDC, we hope you enjoy your stay. Also, don't miss our Policies page, as it is a terrific resource for newcomers to our site.

Site's Historical Timeline:
    Oct 2006 - The domain name pspdemocenter.com was registered by Sketch
    Dec 2006 - The website was made with a handful of demos
    Jan 2007 - Forum was added and immediately went down
    Jan 2007 - A revised version for the download area of the site was submitted by Jesse
    Feb 2007 - New forum was made public
    Mar 2007 - The forum responsibilities were handed over to Jesse
    June 2007 - The host placed a block on pspdemocenter.com due to extreme traffic
    June 2007 - The domains pspdemocenter.com/biz/info/us were registered
    July 2007 - The site's software got upgraded so we could cater more to PSP using visitors
    Dec 2007 - The site bounced between multiple hosts due to the overwhelming traffic
    Jan 2008 - Finally found a host that can handle us ... eBoundHost.com
    Feb 2008 - Moved the HTML portions to PHP, providing easier methods to update the site
    Feb 2008 - Donations & Sponsorships became available
    June 2008 - DNS servers were slightly disrupted and pspdemocenter.com returned as our official URL
    July 2008 - The shortly lived ps3conclave.com was made for PS3 users who wanted their own site
    April 2009 - All content from ps3conclave.com was moved back to pspdemocenter.com
    Feb 2011 - For the 4th year anniversary of the forums, we introduced Plus Members rank.
    March 2011 - Began using Google AdSense which has helped keep the servers running

If there is anything you think should be added to the above list, send a private message to Jesse.
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