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GTR King

10-26-2016 23:15 GMT
Hey it's Josh here How's everyone doing? Long time no see...

Ok I need some advice

At the moment I have 3 PS4 Controllers

one is fully working 2 are faulty


Controller 1
Analog stick gets stuck when going up/down (Won't run on Cod/Destiny/The Division)

Controller 2
Keeps vering to the left (Project Cars/Driveclub/Need For Speed)

I took them to work today as my work mate had the tools to fix them and helped me do it..

Took them apart on lunch cleaned all the muck/gunk out of the controllers & put them back (The analogs didn't feel stiff anymore)

When I got home both analogs sticks (Both controllers won't work on ps4) all other buttons work etc but when move analogs nothing happens on PS4

Can this be fixed or are they beyond repair. Gonna one them up again and try fix them (Hopefully) Tomz


01-26-2017 04:45 GMT
Should be able to be fixed, just need a bit of tech know how. Sounds like the 3pin analog stick (internal part) is faulty. I'm not sure exactly how to fix it myself, at least on PS4 controllers. The replacement parts are gonna run you about $3 USD on eBay. (I'm not 100% what that converts to because I believe you're in another country, sorry.) So its not terribly expensive a fix.
Fair warning, THERE IS SOLDERING - DESOLDERING INVOLVED. I'd recommend watching how to videos on YouTube before ordering them to see if its something you're even confident in tackling yourself. If you're not used to soldering you can ruin the controller completely if you screw it up. Be very VERY cautious IF you attempt it.

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