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08-22-2016 23:12 GMT
Is that true subscription to PS + will add.
Qs.Can I stack an extra PS+ before the update the price?
Also I think there a update coming soon for the PS4.


08-29-2016 04:57 GMT
Yes, it is true that the price will increase. I do not know if you can stack via digital purchases, however I believe you could purchase 1 year membership cards and use them when necessary if the cards will not expire.

I have never subscribed to PS+, so I would not know, but I feel like I need to give some sort of response.


09-02-2016 02:10 GMT
I've done a one year subscription. The amount will remain the same until your membership needs to be renewed or the other case being the prices jacked up in October.


10-18-2016 00:20 GMT
How to download games heree

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