The origin of PDC was the PSP Demo Center created by Sketch back in 2006. The original site was made to provide owners of PSP systems the ability to download and play various demos released around the world. This could be done either as a zip on one’s PC or directly through the built-in web browser on the PSP.

After gaining somewhat of a following, the site began to expand different social aspects. Some of these expansions included a forum, a podcast, an area for help articles and reviews to be posted, etc …

As the years continued on, Sony’s original portable console was slowly phased out and the relevance for PDC grew less and less. Ultimately, there was a push by Sketch to archive the collected demos. If these ever do get re-established, we’ll be sure to help share them for anyone who comes looking.

This current site, PlayDreamCreate.com, was created upon the closure of the old hosting account in April 2017. The focus of the site has yet to be established, but as the name states, the spirit of PDC was always one where ideas can be discussed and things created, all while staying focused to what drew us together as a community … gaming.