I know it's been awhile since I've been on here and I do apologize. I've been really REALLY busy. I think I need a vacation. . Anyways, I still have more demos to add to the database. I haven't forgotten. I've just been really occupied. But, there is one demo I have in my possession that I am dying to upload. It's big though so I may not be able to do it til next Thursday but I can promise I will. I'm dying to play it on my tablet. I've got others that are waiting to be uploaded as well but I've been focused on reworking the app. I've been getting reports that some demos don't download or PPSSPP won't play them. Not sure which ones but I'm trying to figure it out. If you know of any demos that aren't downloading or working, please let me know which one(s). Hope you're enjoying the demos so far

Oh, and the demo that I'm dying to put up is Silent Hill Origins.
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Demos Archive
I noticed a lot of people coming here looking for demos. You can find them HERE using your PSP browser or HERE using an Android device.

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Happy Fourth of July from everyone here at PDC!!

Have fun out there watching the fireworks and most importantly be safe!
Be sure to thank a veteran or service member for their service.
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Whats up everyone!! After weeks of back and forth hassles, explanations, and stress with Google support, the update to the app is finally here! If you still love/enjoy PSP games as much as I do then you'll love this update. I wanna see everyone here get involved so go download it or update it if you already have it! Click more to see whats new!! See You inside...

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I've been getting a lot of feedback lately on the ability to download the demos to your Android phone or tablets. So I've been hard at work making a separate app that will allow you to download the demos directly to your device to allow them to be playable with the PPSSPP app. This will also allow users to transfer the demos to their psps via a computer or if you have a micro sd to ms duo adapter. Anyone using that app will also have to accept the in app acknowledgement that downloading the demos may incur extra data charges as some of the demos are considerably large.

In other news. I'll be releasing an update to the current app that will allow users to rate and comment on the demos. It'll also show the 5 most recent demos/apps as featured items. There will also be at least 5 more demos being added to the archive this week.

So now you know and knowing is half the battle. <--- let's see if you're old enough to remember where that's from.
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These were ideas/prototypes that never came to be that were supposed to give the Vita and PS3 backwards compatibility with the PSP.

UMD Drive for PS VITA:

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I have released an Android mobile app that shows the list of demos available for download. With this you can check for any updates on the fly. Using this app will also help support my efforts. I'll add more to the app later on but for now it allows you to see the same list as on PC.
In the future I'll add the ability to click on a demo and see a brief history/description. I'll also add the region specs there. I'll also include notifications later to alert you if any new demos are added, which I will be adding more. Here's the link:

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