On the Hunt for Demos

I’d like to start off by apologizing. I should have been more prepared with a backup of all the demos, but either other life distractions or just the overwhelming number of them seemed to always prevent me from keeping a backup in any once place. I always assumed I had copies elsewhere. This resulted in me losing all of the demos I collected.

So I began to hunt them back down, and have so far found 28 29 out of the 153 unique demos that were originally cataloged. Thankfully, most of the found demos were some of more popular titles. If anyone has copies of any of the demos I’ve yet to find, please leave a comment on this post. In particular, I’m looking for any of the most popular demos that I haven’t been able to find. For a list of those (as well as the complete list), click the “Continue reading” link below.

I’ll also be looking at hosting them somewhere that doesn’t cause a challenge for those visiting the site to have access to, but don’t have a timeline for when they’ll become available.

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Demo Archive

Hello all,

If you have arrived here looking for demos to download. I plan on collecting/organizing an archive shortly. I’ll attempt to retrieve all demos that were originally available and make them available in zip format. Sadly, I don’t have a timeline for this, but I’ll be getting around to this as soon as possible.

If there is anyone that perhaps has a vast majority of demos available. Feel free to drop me a message in the comment’s section for this post.


Welcome + Apologies

Hello all!

I haven’t quite decided the direction that this website is going to take after we had to shift the domain to this new server.

Stay tuned for updates on what path we’ll be taking.

– Jesse